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BWV 211 - The Coffee Cantata

Our name is inspired by the Johann Sebastian Bach's "Coffee Cantata" which tells the story of a disgruntled father who argues with his caffeine obsessed daughter about her addiction to coffee. His attempts to dissuade her from her passion by withholding money and food are unsuccessful, and he resorts to offering to find her a husband is she would stop drinking coffee. She agrees, but secretly negotiates with her suitors that she will not marry them unless they promise to let her drink as much coffee as she wants. The story ends with all three singing together "drinking coffee is natural".



211 Coffee is a subsidiary of Rue Arts, a company that since 2016 has been singularly dedicated to independently promoting art and supporting the people that create it. Brian Eno once described art as "anything that you don't have to do", and so the spirit of the artist is one of curiosity, discipline, and excellence. The artist is compelled to exceed the minimum requirement. Not because they have to, but because they believe that something can be better. 

Coffee fuels ideas. Connects humans. Brings people together.

In our case, coffee directly funds the creation of art.

For now 211 Coffee operates online, but one day soon we hope to have a physical space where we can share the many dimensions of our art with you. 

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