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Specialty filter coffee in convenient, easy to use drip coffee bags. No need for complex pourover apparatus - we experiment and work out the perfect grind size and dosage for each batch of coffee we roast. Take them with you to work or enjoy them on the road - all you need is hot water. 


Preparation Method:

1. Open the sachet along the slit at the top. 

2. Open the filter bag by tearing along the perforation. 

3. Hook the paper clasps over the sides of your cup.

4. Pour 180mL of hot water over the coffee and let it filter through. Once the filter bag is drained, your pour over coffee is ready to drink. 


About the Coffee: Ethiopian Natural Guji-1

This bean is dense and acidic, characteristics which lend itself to a fruity and full bodied flavour. Our roast bypasses the sourness and rounds off the tart fruitiness with sweet caramelisation. The result is a balanced flavour profile of blueberry, hazelnut and milk chocolate.

Pocket Pourover

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