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Every bean contains the characteristics of acidity (sour), sweetness (fruit), and body (bitter) and the craft of both the roaster and the barista is to bring these characteristics into balance, so the drinker can experience the full spectrum of flavours in a single cup. 

As specialty roasters we generally work exclusively with single origin beans with SCAC scores of 85 or higher (with exceptions if we feel a bean has potential). We focus primarily on filter roasts, as this is where the excellence of the bean, roaster, and barista are put to the test. We have been surprised and delighted to find that even the most acidic of single origin beans has the potential to offer an exquisite espresso roast, and even works with milk. (DISCLAIMER - for a single origin like an Ethiopian natural to work with milk, you will need a grinder that can do very fine grinds, and an espresso machine that can cope with fine grinds. However the result is thick, creamy texture as well as full bodied fruit flavours)

We have chosen not to supply cafes with our roasts, preferring to focus directly on you, the barista! We do, however, aim to provide the same support and advice that a roaster would provide to a cafe, directly to you at home. Send us your questions or reviews using our contact page, we'd love to hear from you and chat about how to get the most out of our beans on your home setup. Individual recommended recipes can be found by clicking on the image of each bean on offer in our online shop.

We have a number of ready-to-go products such as our Pocket Pour Overs, which are roasted, ground, dosed, and air sealed so all you need to do is add hot water - perfect for office use or if you need good quality coffee on the road. We will soon be releasing a line of bottled filter coffee which you can enjoy hot or cold, so keep an ear out for that. 


If you're interested in exploring the world of coffee tasting, here's a great link to get you started. There are no right or wrong answers, the first step is simply to engage the analytical part of your mind when tasting, then let the journey begin: 

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Freshly roasted coffee beans
Speciality coffee roaster in Sydney checking a roast
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